Abbotsford House

Abbotsford House near Melrose in the Scottish Borders was the home of poet and author Sir Walter Scott and was the inspiration for many of his works.

Abbotsford offer a number of wedding options and your wedding ceremony can take place in Scott’s majestic library or in the intimate family chapel. Luxury accommodation in the newly refurbished Hope Scott Wing can also be part of the package and will allow your wedding party to prepare for the big day in style.

If you're having an small intimate Wedding, the Hope Scott wing can hold 16 reception guests or Sir Walter Scott's private dining room can cater for 20 guests. 

The restaurant in Abbotsford’s new Visitor Centre is available for evening receptions. This modern space can accommodate up to 80 guests for a banquet or up to 120 guests for a buffet-style meal. The balcony offers breathtaking views over the house and walled garden.

For larger parties of over 100, you can have a Marquee on the terrace with its view of both the house and the river Tweed.

Below are images from Lisa & Mike's Wedding which we photographed at Abbotsford.  As well as the house itself, Abbotsford has a beautiful walled garden which is full of colour in the summer.

  • 020_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 026b_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 030c_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 063b_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 068b_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 078c_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 170_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 210_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 214_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 260_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 270_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 272c_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 277_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 281_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 291_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 295_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 296c_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 301b_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 302_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 310_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
  • 308c_Lisa_Mike_Abbotsford_House_Parris_Photography
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