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Parris Photography - Award Winning Wedding & Portrait Photographers John & Sandra Parris

We are John Parris FMPA, SWPP and Sandra Parris  LMPA and together we are Parris Photography.

We are extremely passionate about providing the highest standard of Photography and have been Full Time, Qualified Award Winning Master Photographers In the art of Wedding, Portrait and Fashion Photography for many  years.

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John's passion for photography started when he was in his early twenties. 

He saved up to buy a second hand camera then set about learning how to use it properly, not pointing and shooting but manually setting the exposure for each shot he took.

To help him learn he enrolled in photography night classes at his local college where he also learned the art of dark room processing.

From shooting landscapes for pleasure he quickly developed a love of photographing people which in turn led him to weddings and portraiture. 

After gaining experience shooting a few weddings and portraits he plucked up the courage to start charging for his skills and has never looked back.  

He is now one of only 4 Fellows of the Master Photographers Association (MPA) in Scotland, and is the only Photographer to hold the Fellowship in Portraiture.  The Fellowship is the highest obtainable qualification.

Sandra came into the photography world when she met John.  He was looking for someone to photograph as he was developing his skills and asked her to pose for him.  He got no for an answer and went away with his tail between his legs!  Luckily he tried again a few months later and after some persuasion Sandra agreed.

Something magical happened when Sandra looked through the lens and John through his viewfinder and they became a couple.  Sandra assisted John at weddings, adjusting the dress and carrying the bags but she wanted to learn how to shoot too.

John set about teaching Sandra about cameras and photography and before long they were shooting weddings together and Parris Photography was born.

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Today we are based in the Scottish Borders Scotland and undertake commissions throughout Scotland the UK and Internationally. 

All commissions, whether it be Weddings, Portraits or Commercial are photographed exclusively by us and we work to the highest standards possible which means providing our clients with nothing but the best in creative photography. 

With our artistic vision we create art not just photographs. Most of all we love getting to know our clients and just having a laugh with them while at the same time creating something really special.

Both of us have consistently won top Awards for our Photography, a full list can be viewed on our Achievements page.

We hope that this gives you confidence before contacting us that you are in very safe experienced hands and you are going to get the beautiful images you deserve.

As we are Full Time Photographers and Fully Qualified we have to abide by a strict code of conduct and have the relevant insurances in place before we can practice as Professional Photographers.

We have also had to submit panels of our work to the qualifying bodies to prove the quality of our Photography before being accepted. 

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When we're not photographing Weddings or Portraits we love to travel now that our children are at an age where they can look after themselves.

We've been lucky enough to visit many countries around the world including USA, Australia, New Zealand, South America, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and the South Pacific.

Where ever we are the camera is never far away!

So if you're looking to hire a Full Time, Fully Qualified Professional Photographer working to the highest possible standard we would love to hear you. 

Call from the UK 01450 370523

From overseasl +44 1450 370523

for a free consultation and no obligation quote


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