Want Amazing Wedding Photos?

When it comes to having amazing Wedding Photos your Wedding Venue is a huge factor.  The backdrop of your venue and surrounding area is ultimately what will make your wedding photographs, and we have been lucky enough to photograph weddings in some of then most beautiful Castles and Stately homes.

We have also consistently won top awards within the photographic Industry for our Wedding Photography.

We have selected a few of our favourite venues which you can view if you click on the buttons below.

That being said not everyone wants a Castle or Stately Home for their Wedding and we will work with your choice of venue and bring out the best in it and in you.  Something as simple as a church door can provide a great frame for some stunning artistic wedding photography.

We have also consistently won top awards within the Photographic Industry for our Wedding Photography.

digital enhancement

To get the best photograph you have to get it right in the camera to begin with.  Afterwards we can enhance the image to bring out the details and colours etc making a great image into a beautiful piece of art.

We don't do gimmicks like super-imposing false looking skies, we simply remove blemishes, add vignettes and soften any hard edges ensuring we get the best image of you and your surroundings.  Digital Enhancement isn't done to every image, it would simply be too much. We only apply it to carefully selected images which tend to be some of the artistic Bride & Groom shots.

Below are some examples of our Digital Enhancement techniques.  The as shot in camera before images and the enhanced after images show how we use editing techniques to bring out the best features in our images especially detail in the wedding dress.

before & after 1

before & after 2

before & after 3

before & after 4

If you like what you see why not come and see us at our studio in Hawick to see how our images look when presented in our beautiful bespoke designed wedding albums.

We do a free no obligation Pre-Wedding chat and want to hear all about your plans for your Wedding Day as well as discussing the style of Wedding Photography that works for you.

Call us on 01450 370523 or click on the button below.

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